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Colson Casters

Since 1885, Colson has manufactured casters and wheels to high quality standards. Today, Colson offers more than 35,000 different caster models - from tiny chair casters to giant industrial models. Consolidated stocks many of these products, including the following high-performance wheels:

Performa® Rubber Wheels

Performa rubber wheels combine the easy rolling and durability of a hard tread wheel with the quiet performance, impact resistance and cushioned ride of a soft tread wheel.

Maxim® Wheels

Colson Maxim wheels feature an exclusive, ultra-tough thermoplastic compound that resists impact. Compared to other hard tread wheels, Maxim wheels require less force to roll and swivel. Other advantages include: NSF listed for food service

ThermoTech® Wheels

New ThermoTech wheels are designed to handle high-temperature and humid environments, including bakeries, autoclaves and anywhere you need a high-temp rubber tread.

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