Caster Maintenance


Casters and wheels, like any industrial equipment, require inspections and maintenance to perform to their intended standards and specifications. Inspecting, maintaining and replacing casters and wheels on your equipment is critical to performance, safety of your personnel and protection of your assets.  

  • Check your caster’s frame for damage, insure fasteners are tightened and lubricate bearings on non-sealed bearing casters.
  • Check wheels for excessive or uneven wear, which inhibits roll ability.
  • Inspect for any dirt or debris around axles or wheels.
  • Review the work environment to verify casters are being used as they were intended when purchased. For example, in high temperature, or wash down applications, specific casters are required for safe operation and long life. 
  • Review the capacity the casters are carrying, making sure the casters specified and purchased are rated with enough capacity to carry the load.   

Build caster inspection into your maintenance schedules. Due to safety and productivity considerations, if you’re in doubt about your caster’s and wheel’s safe operation or application, replace them.   

Consolidated Truck and Caster has the product knowledge to provide you the right solution. Contact us at 800-467-6102 or for an evaluation of your caster fleet and help with specifying the right casters for your products and applications.