At Consolidated Truck & Caster, one of the important services we provide our customers is performing caster surveys on their rolling stock.  We recently performed a caster and wheel survey for a large commercial bakery, reviewing every cart, rack, tub, oven and other wheeled equipment in their operation.  Due to the size and scope of the customer’s operation, this survey took two days.

From the survey we created a chart identifying the customer’s equipment item, a description of the caster used, including part numbers and photos of each item.  Additionally, we made recommendations for improving performance and cost savings where opportunities existed. 

We then took the chart and created a banner for the maintenance team to hang in their work area so they always have a quick visual reference when ordering replacement parts.  The result of this process has provided the customer improved caster quality, time savings due to lowering order costs, and better up time for their equipment. 

We provide this service to all our maintenance customers in manufacturing, food service, health care and other industries.  Contact us at sales@consolidatedcaster.com or 800-467-6102 to arrange a caster survey for your operation.